Hopewell Twp To File Affordable Housing Suit at Planning Board Recommendation

At the Hopewell Township planning board meeting last night, the planning board passed a resolution endorsing the filing of a declaratory judgment complaint by the Hopewell Township Committee with the Mercer County Superior County.

Filing the declaratory judgment is simply a procedural step in the overall process of the Township Committee meaningfully participating in the assessment of its municipal affordable housing obligation amount. Making the June 8th filing deadline set by the New Jersey Supreme Court, by filing the declaratory judgment, allows the Township to potentially take advantage of the court-ordered temporary immunity from builder’s remedies.

Current court process and affordable housing numbers offered by Fair Share Housing: “No More Waiting, Affordable Housing Numbers Offered By Fair Share Housing” and “COAH in 90 seconds: Making housing accessible, or Affordabullsh*t?

More on discussions from the planning board to follow today regarding the Hopewell Township housing plan.


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