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Kuchinski and Ruger Win in Hopewell Township

by Mary Galioto

After an active contested election campaign season in Hopewell Township, current  Township mayor and incumbent Kevin Kuchinski (D) and Committee newcomer Michael Ruger (D) were elected to serve three-year terms in Hopewell Township.

When asked for comment, Mayor Kuchinski said, “It was a historic win in Hopewell Township, with a majority of voters in all 12 Districts voting for proven leadership and our vision of fighting to keep Hopewell Township green and affordable.

I would like to thank the voters in all 12 Districts of Hopewell Township for their support of Michael and me. We are committed to keeping taxes low and to protecting Hopewell Valley’s rural character, and look forward to serving all of the residents of our community in the coming years.”

Michael Ruger shared, “I am truly honored that so many voters of Hopewell Township have given me the opportunity to serve on the Hopewell Township Committee.  I look forward to working with everyone to make the Township an even better place for us all to live.

For Mercer County election results, visit https://mercerme.com/mercer-county-election-results-2017/.

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