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Letter to the Editor: Township Democrats Again Meet Low Expectations

by Community Contributor

To the Editor:

I could not have been more disgusted to read Hopewell Township Democrat Chair Ray Disch gloat in his recent letter to the editor.

While there may not be a Democrat or Republican way to solve problems, there, most certainly, is a dramatic difference in the way the township party candidates run for office.

Once again this year, the hallmark of the township Democrat’s campaign was the politics of misinformation and personal destruction.

Last year, a newspaper headline reported “Township tussle again turns dirty.” This year’s headline could be “Township Democrats Again Meet Low Expectations.”

This year’s installment of township Democrat campaign misinformation included the blatantly false claim that their Republican opponents violated the 2% budget cap, which Hopewell Township has never violated, and the incomprehensibly false claim that the 7.4% tax increase in 2014, which factually occurred under Democrat Mayor Vanessa Sandom with a Democrat majority, was due to their Republican opponents in a Republican majority. This is the second campaign year in a row that township Democrats have accused their Republican opponent of violating a budget cap that has never been violated.

Also, township Democrats rolled out the politics of personal destruction this year on Facebook in false claims pertaining to John Hart.

Simply because the election is over does not make the stain of low blows go away or provide a reason to gloat.

Harvey Lester,

Titusville, NJ  

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