Mercer County Helps People Dealing With Addiction Learn About Recovery

Over the past 10 years, statistics show that New Jersey has seen a staggering 700% increase in individuals seeking treatment for opioid addictions. It is common knowledge that substance abuse contributes to violence and crime rates, high health-care expenses, and immense emotional costs from individuals and families. This is why finding effective treatment for those who become addicted is so crucial.

The month of September, nationally recognized as Recovery Month, is a time to reflect on the progress and growth of those in recovery from addiction issues. It is also a time to show that prevention works, treatment is effective, and people can recover from mental health and substance use disorders. As a result, Mercer County will co-host a dinner and discussion event at 5 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 8, 2015, for those who suffer from addiction, as well as their family members. Attendees will hear about recovery from experts and those who have been there. You can return to a life of health and well-being!

The fact is that addiction is a growing crisis across our state, specifically opioid addiction — addiction to prescription painkillers or illicit drugs like heroin.

The community must remain vigilant and dedicated to the recovery process by helping people address these preventable and treatable conditions, and support individuals in recovery as well as their family members.

The Oct. 8 event, sponsored by the Mercer County Co-Occurring Task Force, will be held at the RWJ Fitness & Wellness Center on Quakerbridge Road in Hamilton. If you or someone you know is seeking recovery from substance abuse issues, please call the Mercer County Office on Addiction Services.

For more information on the Oct. 8 event, please contact the Office on Addiction Services at (609) 989-6826. This event is free but registration is required.

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