Much to the chagrin of theater fans, the Off-Broadstreet Theatre, in Hopewell Borough, will close its doors tonight, following its last performance at the location it called home for more than 30 years. In a letter posted on their website, Bob and Julie Thick said the following:

Dear Friends,

To paraphrase Groucho, “Hello, we must be going.” Bob and I are truly fortunate to have enjoyed 32+ years providing musicals, dramas, comedies and desserts for our audience. We thank you, our loyal patrons and friends, for making all of this possible. The final performance by Off-Broadstreet in the Hopewell facility will be December 31, 2016.

We applaud the wonderful changes the new owners have made to the building! However, with the renovations come escalations in the rent that would force steep increases in the ticket price. When we opened in 1984, we wanted to offer entertainment that was affordable, encouraging our audience to enjoy an entire series of theatre with all its diversity, not just one or two shows a year. Given the new reality, this is longer feasible. We are unable to imagine life without theatre so, we are taking it on the road! Bob and I will continue to run the Off-Broadstreet Production Company, in a limited capacity, offering a traveling troupe presenting shows like the popular Marvelous Wonderettes. If your housing community, church, synagogue or social group is interested in some entertainment let us know! 

Don’t forget  we still have one more main stage show; Altar Boyz  will run through December 31st! Come help us celebrate the future! Even after Dec 31st we can still be reached at (609) 466-2766 or P.O. Box 359, Hopewell, NJ, 08525, or visit us at You really are our family and we will miss you.

Thanks again for making our lives so special.      


Julie and Bob Thick


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Angela Jacobs
Angela Jacobs is a freelance writer who lives in Hopewell Township with her teenaged children and partner of 20 years. Despite her best efforts to simplify her life, last year she added four chickens and a second rescue dog to her pet menagerie. Unfortunately, an interim of peaceful coexistence ended with the untimely demise of two of the chickens at the paws of Jax, the new dog. An egregious lack of impulse control has since been diagnosed resulting in an indefinite separation of Jax from all present and future chickens, her two cockatiels, open garbage cans, snacks open on tables, abandoned stuffed animals, etc. She does however gently encourage him toward a certain industrious squirrel that has spelunked its way through her backyard in search of the most perfect hiding spot for its nuts.


  1. Best of luck, Bob and Julie. Both my sons, Dylan and Ben, worked for you while they were in high school. It was a great experience for both of them. Thanks very much for that and all those years of fine theater.
    John Tredrea


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