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Thinking of moving to Hopewell Township? Think again.

by Community Contributor

What do William Cane, Matt Kolodziej, Linda Rogers, Vanessa Sandom and Paul Verdino have in common? Apparently, their belief that any residential property in Hopewell Township can be magically rezoned to accommodate a commercial enterprise on their say so. Contrary to the Township Master Zoning Plan. Contrary to groundwater conservation. Contrary to common sense.

On August 2, 2023, these five members of our unelected Township Zoning Board decided to ignore the wisdom of our court-approved, 20 year old Master Plan in favor of what can reasonably be called illegal “spot-rezoning.” Think your home is safe from finding yourself living next door to a hotel?  Not anymore. (See MercerMe’s coverage: Hopewell Township Zoning Board makes crucial decision in Hollystone application)

The impact of this ill-considered decision cannot be understated. It literally over-rules Greenwood v. The Mayor, in which the New Jersey Appellate Division upheld our 2002 Master Plan based on the science of ground water scarcity. Now having made an exception for one developer to undermine our entire aquifer protection plan, other commercial developers could follow, asking: “Why not me?” 

So, who protects your investment in your home when you buy in a residential area and you reasonably expect that your neighborhood will always be a residential area?  Clearly not these five members of the Hopewell Township Zoning Board, any one of which could have stopped the hotel.

Harvey Lester,
Titusville, NJ

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