Art Exhibit Upcoming, Common Threads 6: Un-Common and In-Describable

Common Threads 2016: Hopewell Valley Vineyard owner Violetta and Councilwoman Marge Caldwell-Wilson

Amphora Design and C.a. Shofed will present the annual Common Threads art exhibition, this year “Common Threads 6: Un-Common and In-Describable,” on Saturday, February 3, 2018 at the Hopewell Valley Vineyards from 12-5pm.

This much anticipated annual event highlights the best of the arts scene in Trenton, NJ every year, presenting an exhibit featuring unique and original artists.  This year’s artists continually push the boundaries in their medium of choice. Exploring depth, dimension, color, and technique, each artist seeks to not only express or convey but to have the individual experience each piece tangibly.  With a nod to modern interpretation and the utilization of more recent mediums in art, Un-Common and In-Describable offers innovative expressions of the collage, self-taught and intuitive photography, and the very millennial, “Glitch Art”.

“When it came to titling this year’s Common Threads, I looked at each of the artists and their body of work,” Shofed states, “and saw some really new and innovative things that I don’t think most people have been exposed to.”

This is Shofed’s sixth presentation of Common Threads, a concept exhibit whose foundation is based on the mission of promoting the arts in our capital city of Trenton. “A majority of our artists live and work in, or are inspired by, the Trenton art scene, hence, our Common Thread,” he shares.

The six artists feature in this year’s exhibit will bring their distinctive styles and passions, weaving art and inspiration meant to draw the patron in or out.

Photographer, Asia Popinska explains, “I think I was a photographer even before I got my first camera. I’ve always seen the world in pictures, colors, patterns and movement; in both light and darkness. I see beauty in the unique and imperfect.”

Native New Jerseyan and veteran art teacher of 25 years, Howard Michaels, gleans inspiration from life in the Garden State, as well as social and political history.  Images from the 60’s and 70’s are presented in various mediums, such as hand-cut stencils and spray-painted canvases, as well as photographs and traditional paintings. Works from Andrew Wilkinson, Lauren Otis, Phillip McConnell, and Kata Mejia will also be on display this year.

Hopewell Valley Vineyards is itself a venue for creating art with the feel of a Tuscan hillside vineyard dotted with rows of resting grapevines. Violeta Neri and her team will be pairing Chardonnays, Pinots, Chambourcin, and more to go with the various artistic presentation, as well as supplying their signature brick oven pizzas.

A Common Threads favorite, The Gingered Peach, is back again this year, providing a bit of sweetness and some savory to this event. Last year “The Peach” introduced a pastry created specifically for the Common Threads event.  The ode to Trenton in pastry form, “The Trenton Volcano” is a brioche bun packed with cheese, spinach, and pork roll, and comes topped with everything bagel spices. In addition, their famous cupcakes, cookies, croissants, banana pudding, and other delights will be available to warm up a cold February afternoon.

Jewelry by Jessica Mueller Snyder of Source Elements

Source Element Designs of Hopewell, makes their debut this year and will also be on hand displaying their handmade gemstones and precious metal jewelry.

“With the help and inspiration of friends that are artists, I have been able to incorporate creating jewelry in to my daily life,” says Source Elements Designs artist, Jessica Mueller Snyder.

Pulling inspiration from the earth, geometry, and the natural healing properties of crystals, Synder is able to create unique, individual pieces using locally and responsibly sourced recycled materials.

Common Threads 6: Un-Common and In-Describable opens on Saturday, February 3 from 12-5pm at The Hopewell Valley Vineyards 46 Yard Rd., Pennington, New Jersey. All the pieces in the show are available for purchase and the exhibit will remain up for the entire month of February.

If you would like more information about Common Threads 6 and the artists who will be presenting or you would like to know how to sponsor an artist, please visit:

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