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State aid and the (very) skinny on Mercer County school budgets

by Mary Galioto

With the recent gubernatorial budget upheaval, some school districts have been waiting to find out the state aid numbers before making major decisions.

In the Hopewell Valley Regional School district (HVRSD), school board officials said they would not be exploring the possibility of unpaid full-day kindergarten until they got the aid numbers from the state.

“Full-day kindergarten is not on the agenda [tonight] because the board has already said they are in favor of it but is unable to move forward with discussing financial offsets until the district receives numbers from the state — we’re still in wait and see mode,” said HVRSD board president Lisa Wolff prior to the release of the state aid data.

And they are in! And they are “flat,” meaning that the aid figures are unchanged from last year.

Here are this year’s numbers:

mercer country education aid 2015-16And here are last year’s (spoiler alert: they are the same but the columns are in different places):

state aid 2014-15

“There are no surprises,” said HVRSD Superintendent Dr. Tom Smith. “We’ve been basing next year’s budget on last year’s. This puts us in a fairly good place in terms of our priorities.”

We’ve been covering the issues closely. To catch up on HVRSD full-day kindergarten, check out our coverage.

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