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Hopewell Valley Senior Center Undergoes Renovations

by Esha Dhar

The Hopewell Valley Senior Center is currently undergoing much-needed renovations. As of now, the replacement of the roof is near completion, and the rest of the renovations will begin later this fall.

The building, located on Reading Street in Pennington Borough, was originally built in 1957 for the Boy Scouts. However, the building was renovated to become a senior center in 1986. Since then, there have been several repairs and upgrades. 

“Pennington Borough has undertaken the basic necessary repairs to the building,” said Eileen Heinzel, Pennington Borough Administrator. “However, due to limited resources and the possibility of a new community and senior center in the Valley, the Borough has advised Hopewell Township and Hopewell Borough that it can no longer keep the building open unless extensive repairs are done.”

To address the issue, the three municipalities created a list of repairs and applied to Mercer County for funding assistance. The repairs on their list consisted of roof and siding replacement, new windows and trim, new light fixtures, new ceiling tiles and light fixtures, new flooring, and bathroom and kitchen upgrades. Mercer County agreed to provide 50% of the funding for the building repairs.

The project was out for bid this summer and George Koustas Painting and Construction was hired. In early September, a pre-bid meeting with the contractor and the project team is scheduled and repairs should be done by the end of 2019. It is planned that little disruption will occur for the seniors. Wycoff Roofing has agreed to provide materials and labor for replacing the roofing and siding on the building. Other than that, most of the roofing repairs are complete.

Many seniors are enthusiastic about the renovations. Randi Knechel, the Senior Services Coordinator, shown her support for this project and has been helping the three municipalities as it moves forward.

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